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Feel Fabulous at 40 with these 3 Hairstyles

There’s never been a better time to feel fabulous at 40 than right now. But for many of us, our hectic schedules often get in the way of us experiencing the things that help us feel our best. A causal stroll through the mall where we stumble upon those perfect fitting jeans or wandering into...
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Picture Perfect Hair

Your wardrobe has been decided, the background has been arranged, and your hair looks flawless, the stage has been set for that picture-perfect holiday photo. All that work to create one beautiful image you’ve surely shared countless times this past holiday season. Now that the holidays are over, recreating that perfected polished look is something...
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New Season New Look!

Which Type of Hair Color is Right for You? One of the big mysteries surrounding hair color is the difference between “types” of color. From temporary to semi-permanent to demi-permanent to permanent, all of these hair color types have their pros and cons. Today, we’re breaking down each kind to help you make the best...
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Beige Blonde Balayage


Copper Balayage


Pink Ombre


Balayage and Ombre Mix

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