Feel Fabulous at 40 with these 3 Hairstyles

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There’s never been a better time to feel fabulous at 40 than right now. But for many of us, our hectic schedules often get in the way of us experiencing the things that help us feel our best. A casual stroll through the mall where we stumble upon those perfect fitting jeans or wandering into that new boutique and discovering that perfect accessory, where do we find the time for these blissful moments? Yes, these spontaneous events can bring a sense of jubilation to our day but there’s an easier way to feel fantastic. Yes … a new hairstyle. While the idea may seem simple, a great haircut can instantly change how you feel. So if you’re 40 and not feeling fabulous, reward yourself with one of these fresh new looks.

Long Swinging Locks

If you’re wearing your hair long, then do so with charm. Long hair looks best when the density is thick giving the hair a full healthy look. However, if your hair lacks density, concave layers may be needed to create enhanced body and movement. With carefully placed layers, including some face framing, this hairstyle will appear fuller and naturally swing with movement. For a dramatic effect, add a straight across fringe or for a softer appearance opt for a side swept fringe. To really show some panache, add some shine spray to your finished look.

Medium Tousled Bob

The bob hairstyle is a timeless look that can vary in length from just below the ear to just above the shoulders. The beauty of the bob lies in the variety of styling options. For a classic style, use a smoothing cream or elixir to create a look that’s sleek and straight. If your preference is fun and edgy, then wear this look tousled and wavy by using a mousse or texture spray. If you have fine to medium density hair, don’t worry, by applying root lifting spray before you style, you can still achieve any of these voguish looks.

Short Pixie

Being trendy at 40 has never been easier. If you want a style makes you feel as ebullient as a new pair of shoes, try a short pixie cut. A short pixie hairstyle is a fabulous look that demands attention and can be worn by women of any age. The beauty of this style is that it works with most all hair textures and really defines the face shape. Sure, not everyone wants short hair. But if you’re looking for something that’s easy to style, there’s no better option. While most hairstyles demand multiple products to create the desired look, not the pixie. Either a pomade or styling wax is all you need for this wash and wear style.

Our 40s can bring about the worries of kids, parents, career, and finances. With all the responsibilities, feeling our best is sometimes an emotion ignored. But despite these circumstances, and our age, we deserve to always feel our best. So next time you step into the salon with your 40-something self, make sure you step out with a hairstyle that makes you feel fabulous.
Jyl Craven
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