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Your wardrobe has been decided, the background has been arranged, and your hair looks flawless, the stage has been set for that picture-perfect holiday photo. All that work to create one beautiful image you’ve surely shared countless times this past holiday season. Now that the holidays are over, recreating that perfected polished look is something only the most vainglorious of us will try. Let’s face it, who has the time? Spending those precious minutes each day trying to achieve that cover girl look simply isn’t practical. But with the right haircut, hair color, and styling products, at least your hair can remain fabulous. So, follow these three hair care tips to ensure you’ll have picture perfect hair all year long.

The Right Haircut

Determining the right haircut is the first step in guaranteeing your hair will be picture perfect. The right haircut takes into consideration face shape, body type, hair texture, hair density, growth patterns and styling time. With so many factors to consider, getting the right haircut requires great communication between you and your hairdresser. It’s ok to have dreams of flaunting a new hairstyle like Gal Gadot (a.k.a Wonder Woman), but it’s more important that your hair and body type properly support the style. It’s undeniable that a great haircut can boost your self-confidence and make you feel energized.

The Best Hair Color

Unlike deciding on the right haircut, the best hair color can be discovered by properly identifying just two important traits. Your skin tone and shade of hair color. Skin tones are either warm or cool and generally the basis for which the best hair color can be determined. Once your hair color is chosen, deciding the best shade of color comes next. Choosing a hair color can be fun since everyone’s skin tone allows for endless possibilities. If blonde hair is your desire and your skin tone is warm, shades of butterscotch or strawberry blonde look best. However, if your skin is cooler, then opt for more icy hues like platinum or ash. Just remember when choosing the best hair color, oftentimes there are many perfect possibilities.

Great Finishes

You’ve landed that perfect haircut and hair color, now it’s time to style your picture perfect look. By using the right appliances, brushes, and products, you’ll ensure your fabulous new style is completed with a great finish. When blow drying or ironing, always use the appropriate temperature settings on your appliances. Never turn your appliances to the highest setting just to save time. You could damage your hair this way. Identifying the most suitable brush for your hair type is also necessary. Vest brush, round brush, paddle brush, vented brush, brush size, and type of bristles are all considered when deciding on which brush to use. Once your styling is complete, finish your look with an all-purpose shine spray. A light mist of shine spray is the perfect way to polish off your perfect look.

While it’s nice to make arrangements to capture that perfect holiday photo, the coordinated effort required can leave the most determined of us exhausted. So why not just focus on the one attribute that screams style the most? Your hair! By following this little bit of advice, you can now make everyday a picture perfect hair day!

Jyl Craven
About the author

My love and passion for the hair industry started when I was very young. I have always felt very fortunate in knowing that being a hair designer/educator was my future. I constantly strive to better educate myself and my design team. Making others look and feel their best is what I strive to achieve. My specialty is hair color, but I love cutting as well. To be the best artist you can, I feel you must be well rounded in all of your skills. That is why I also train other salons across the country in all of L ´Oréal Professionnel color and cutting techniques. I have been privileged to work with the most talented artists in the industry. Thank you for visiting our site and I hope to see you in our salon.