New Season New Look!

Which Type of Hair Color is Right for You? One of the big mysteries surrounding hair color is the difference between “types” of color. From temporary to semi-permanent to demi-permanent to permanent, all of these hair color types have their pros and cons. Today, we’re breaking down each type to help you make the best...
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Hassle Free Hair

Does your frizzy hair have you in a baffle as you start each day?  Have you ever wished you could have a more manageable mane?  If you could reduce your blow drying time each day would you want to know how?  Let’s face it, hassle free hair is something we all dream of.  And finding...
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Get Red Hot This Summer

Red hot sun and hot red hair! Summer is fast approaching and soon the Georgia heat will have everyone paying attention to the humidity levels while relaxing by the pool. If you’re of the 1-2% of the population who has red hair, you’re already getting attention because of your naturally brilliant ginger locks. But for...
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Change Your Tone

Change Your Tone and Change Your Look When was the last time someone suggested you “change your tone”? Only in your local hair salon can this phrase bring about feelings of newness and transformation. Yes, choosing a drop dead gorgeous hair color is one thing, but choosing the best tone can be difficult. While hair...
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Make Your Fine Hair – So Fine Again

Do you have fine hair but wish you had a thicker fuller head of hair? Are you tired of turning on the TV and seeing your favorite Hollywood star with long gorgeous hair that always looks plum and perfect? If you could wave a magic wand and have instantly thicker hair would you? For millions...
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Hairstyles with Romance

For decades Valentine’s Day has been a time focused on lovers and loved ones, candy and flowers, romance and love. This year, surprise your cupid with a romantic hairstyle and a complimentary hair accessory that he’ll remember for years to come. Here are four easy to create hairstyles that are sure to bring love your...
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Healthy Hair INSTANTLY with 5 Simple Steps

None of us are instinctively born knowing the best way to care for our hair. Even hair stylists have to study intensively and constantly get updated on the latest trends in fashion to be called hair care experts. Luckily, you don’t need any advanced training to start a healthy hair routine at home. Here are...
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Become A Bespoke Brunette

When you hear the words cool almond, sweet molasses and hazelnut honey what do you think of? The newest coffee drink your local barista is serving up? Maybe. Actually, these are varying shades of hair color that can transform a normal everyday brown hair woman into an eye catching multi-dimensional bombshell brunette. Yes, this is...
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Hair Color Psychology

For most of us, a trip to the hair salon begins with a fabulous consultation where you and your stylist determine what style will enhance your natural effervescing features. You discuss a variety of hair cutting and color options in an effort to make that magical connection between that perfect haircut and that stunning new...
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