Hair Services


Let our award winning design team create a new look or modernize a current look. Consult with a stylist and decide your style – Trendy, Classic, or Unique…we do it all.

Women’s Haircut 40 – 75
Men’s Haircut 25 – 75
Children’s Haircut (8 & Under) 25 – 55
Shampoo & Style 25 – 55
Up Style 65 – 110

Color (Starting Prices)

Whether you are hiding your natural hair growth or just want to see yourself in a different shade, come in and create the look that works for you with one of our color experts.

Single Process 55 – 90
Double Process 75 – 120
INOA Color 75 – 110
Partial Highlights 70 – 110
Full Highlights 99 – 140
Men’s HOMME Color 40
Toner 30
Balayage 125 – 162
Partial Balayage 84 – 124
Ombre Starts at $125
Color Correction Priced upon consultation

*INOA hair color from L`Oreal Professionnel is an ammonia free hair color that leaves hair feeling softer and shinier.*

*HOMME color from L`Oreal Professionnel is designed specifically for men to create a natural tailored look.

Hair Smoothing Treatments (Starting Prices)

Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment (AGST) – 325
The results of the AGST will last up to three months, depending on your daily maintenance. This
treatment instantly reduces frizz and curl, softens the hair’s texture, increase manageability, and will softly blend any line of demarcation left by previous chemical straighteners or relaxers.

Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment – 300
Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (NKST) is a professional keratin treatment that penetrates the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl. A NKST also repairs damage and blocks the effects of humidity to prevent frizz. With a NKST one can expect reduced daily styling time and improved manageability. The results may last up to five months.

Express Blow-Out – 125
Express Blow Out is a professional keratin treatment that penetrates the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl on a more temporary basis by utilizing a different silicone compound than that of the NKST. The results of an Express Blow Out may last up to six weeks.

Texture Waves & Relaxers (Starting Prices)

Curly? Straight? We can do it. The Jyl Craven design team does not compromise the integrity of your hair. Our texture waves and relaxers condition while they work.

Partial 40 – 75
Full 80 – 114

Hair Extensions (Starting Prices)

We offer 100% human hair extensions. Price determined at consultation.
Read more about our Hair Extensions service.

Fine & Thinning Hair Solutions

The Evolve Volumizer is a customized hair system designed upon consultation. Price is determined at consultation. Read more about Fine & Thinning Hair Solutions.