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 The best hair coloring salon near Kennesaw, Georgia is Jyl Craven Hair Design. If you need to cover the grey or desire something more unique, like balayage, ombre or highlighting, Jyl Craven hairdressers have the training and tools to make your vision a reality.
Before getting started, your hairdresser meets with each guest for a color consultation. While the guest reviews color books with hair samples that show all the nuances of color shades. The hairdresser will assess details like your hair texture, strand length and density.  Once the perfect hair color is chosen, the salon uses a technology provided by SureTint to help determine the exact color formulation based on the guests individual hair features. This app also guarantees that your color services can easily be duplicated with each returning visit.

Get the best hair color near Kennesaw, Georgia

Choosing a hair color can be a difficult choice! There are so many choices, and you need the color that will fit exactly what you feel! Just like a changing of seasons, from verdant spring greenery to the crisp yellows of autumn, we get to bounce between looks by not only opting for a wardrobe overhaul and some new makeup but completely revamping our hair color. Hair is the most noticeable part of our appearance, and as we all know, having an exceptional hair day makes any dull afternoon sparkle—even more so than a shiny new pair of pumps.  And reveling in the exact color that reflects our moods and vibrant personalities not only lets us look better—it makes us feel better.

Hair color can come with confidence-boosting benefits, and approximately 70% of women in the US color their hair. Of those same women, 88% have disclosed that having hair that helps to express themselves, in turn, allows them to shine a little brighter from the inside out. Living a colorful life is not just rewarding … it’s fun!  Let’s take a look at some different color options. Pick out your hair color, or have us help you get the right shade. Schedule an appointment at our Kennesaw area salon online or by calling (770) 345-9411.

The best hair colorist for blonde hair!

From traditional foil highlighting for blended strands to bombshell balayage to single-process color, switching to blonde hair is a fun way to flirt up your locks and completely transform a look. Becoming a blonde can come in many forms and may take a few sessions depending on the process you opt for and your personal hue, but allowing yourself a seat in a blonde’s hair for a time should be on every woman’s bucket list. Once you have transformed your hair to a bright blonde, it is extremely important to take special care of your hair at home to maintain the color. We sell the best hair care for blondes in-salon, such as Kerastase Blonde Absolu Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Masque. The Kerastase Blonde Absolu line aims not only to protect, but also enhance every kind of blonde. Your hair can look like you just stepped out of the salon every day.

The best hair color salon gives special attention to the grays!

Women that frequent salons typically do so for a particular reason: to cover up incoming gray hairs.  Gray hairs are the easiest visible sign of aging to treat, and with continued maintenance by trained colorists, no one will be able to detect a single strand of gray. Regrowth is typically visible again in 4 to 6 weeks but with a quick salon appointment when working with permanent hair color, your grays will remain unnoticed.

Multidimensional color is a perfect choice

Multidimensional color is the perfect formula for women wanting a range of highlighted blends or color diversity.  Highlights and lowlights can achieve a layered look that blends easily into each strand, or you can sport natural looking balayage wisps. Balayage is a french word that means “sweeping.” It is a technique that creates a natural-looking graduated color in your hair.

You can get vibrant hair coloring at our Kennesaw area salon

Color doesn’t stop at black hair, blondes or brunettes. Like chameleons, we have the creative control to transform our do’s into just about any hue imaginable.  Your vibrant colors are pinks, purples, blues, rainbow colors, and anything else on the color wheel that excites you. We want you to be you; whether you’re changing it up or going with the same old color!

The variety of different hair colors enables us to be in touch with our appearances, and allows us to beam as individuals. And being able to express our unique personalities through the most noteworthy part of our look—our hair—we’re able to revel in the added self-confidence that comes along with our happy, colorful locks. Take a look at all of our coloring services to make sure you get the service that is right for you. Whether you are hiding your natural hair growth or just want to see yourself in a different shade, come in and create the look that works for you with one of our color experts. Still not sure what to do with your hair color? We can help! Schedule an appointment at our Kennesaw area salon online or by calling (770) 345-9411.

What to Expect from the Best Hair Salon near Kennesaw

At the best hair Salon near Kennesaw you can expect to receive first class service for what you need. When you come in, appointment or not, you’ll be greeted by warm smiling receptionists. If your stylist isn’t already ready to see you, then you’ll relax in our waiting area. Our experts at Jyl Craven Hair design want to make sure you get the experience you deserve. Our first time guests also get a special offer as a welcome gift. You can consult with a stylist to figure out exactly what you want in your new look. If you are looking for a new hair color, you can review our color books with hair samples that show all the nuances of color shades. The hairdresser will assess details like your hair texture, strand length and density.

If you’re looking to change-up your hair style, our stylists will take the time to understand what you want and make sure your vision becomes a reality. After you’re done with your appointment, we’ll give you further tips on taking care of your fresh new look. We might even snap your picture to give our other stylists something to aspire to. We’re waiting to welcome you to our salon. We guarantee that we’ll make you feel at home right before we make you feel fabulous. We’re here for you and your hair and we’ll do anything to make both happy! We believe that everyone should feel confident in the way they look. This is why we strive to make you look and feel your best!

What the people of Kennesaw are saying about Jyl Craven Hair Design

Hear what some of Jyl Craven salon guests are saying.

I enjoy coming here to get my hair done, they make you feel very comfortable and they treat you so well every one of them, I have been going here for a while and it’s still feels like the first time I came you are still treated great and everyone is very friendly. I give them a five star all day long.” – Debbie 

“My stylist is awesome! Such a great atmosphere. Never disappointed! 5 stars. A++++.” – Rebecca

“JYL Craven Hair Design is like a little piece of Buckhead located in Canton.  My regular stylist was on vacation and the stylist who did my hair was just as talented and knowledgeable.   The customer service is top notch and the facilities are amazing.” – Kevin

Scheduling an appointment at our Kennesaw area salon is easy! Call us today at (770) 345-9411 to book an appointment with a stylist. A helpful guest experience coordinator can help you determine which stylist can best serve your unique needs. Or you can book an appointment online at your convenience.

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