Blown Away: Grab Your Hair Dryer for Three Unique Looks

Woman with long and shiny hair posing for camera

If you’re looking to change up your look without a haircut, you’re in luck! We’ve come up with three styles for longhaired ladies that can be achieved with just a hair dryer. Whether you’re a fun loving natural woman, a sophisticate with your finger in every pie, or the lady who knows all the latest hot spots, one of these looks will surely be for you.


fun_lovingFUN LOVING

The fun loving look is a carefree, windswept hairstyle with disheveled waves. It’s sometimes referred to as the “beach wave look.” Requiring minimal styling, this hairdo is great for when you’re on the go or keeping it casual with friends. Further define the shape of your hair with a product like FORM FATALE from Kerastase. This firm but flexible styling aid gives you the perfect balance between bedhead and bounce.


This sleek, polished style lets everyone who gets even a glimpse of you know you mean business. Consider this straight look for any occasion where you want to convey yourself as the proud, professional woman you are. Whether you’re heading to an interviewing or heading up a meeting in the boardroom, this smooth, clean hairstyle commands respect and defines you as the doyenne you are. As an added tip, consider adding a shine and frizz spray. A little polish to this look will have you leaving a lasting impression for sure.

party_girlPARTY GIRL

Smooth tresses but with amplified volume ensure that this coiffure will catch every eye in the room. Style your hair into this look for a special event, a date night, or just an outing with friends to enjoy your favorite craft cocktails. The trendy party girl style is in vogue for those events where you want to attract attention. For a better finishing affect, try some KAZE WAVE by SHU UEMURA. This little secret will provide shine and help add sensational, weightless curls.

Finishing styles are endless. But hopefully these looks can provide some insight into the many dazzling possibilities you can explore with your locks. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you want to achieve any specific look (and if you don’t want to do it yourself, of course) flip out that photo and you and your stylist are on your way.

Jyl Craven
About the author

My love and passion for the hair industry started when I was very young. I have always felt very fortunate in knowing that being a hair designer/educator was my future. I constantly strive to better educate myself and my design team. Making others look and feel their best is what I strive to achieve. My specialty is hair color, but I love cutting as well. To be the best artist you can, I feel you must be well rounded in all of your skills. That is why I also train other salons across the country in all of L ´Oréal Professionnel color and cutting techniques. I have been privileged to work with the most talented artists in the industry. Thank you for visiting our site and I hope to see you in our salon.