Brighten Up Spring with Ombre Hair

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The word “ombre” means “shadow” in French. Probably not a word you associate with brightening up your hair for the spring! But the ombre technique is all the rage from the red carpet to the office to the beach, because it gives your hair a textured, sun-kissed look straight from the salon. Is ombre hair right for you?

What is Ombre, Anyway? 

Ombre is a coloring technique where the roots of the hair are dark with the hair gradually lightening through the middle and showing lightest of all on the ends. The most popular ombre hair uses natural tones that look at home on your hair, and lightens very gradually down the length of the hair.

“Reverse ombre,” where hair is light at the roots and darkens toward the tips, has recently cropped, as has ombre using all the colors of the rainbow. Those looks are fun, but not as natural in appearance as traditional ombre.

Why Ombre?

Ombre hair is low-maintenance! Many of our clients are busy people, but also want to look their best. They ask for a look that is both stylish and low-maintenance. If they ask for stunning color, we often recommend ombre.

Brunettes especially love ombre because it solves the problem of what to do when dark roots begin to grow in. With lighter locks around the face but less root maintenance needed, ombre can be a “best of both worlds” hairstyle for the busy, glamorous brunette. Also ask your stylist about ombre if you are growing out your color. The gradual lightening effect is a great alternative to allowing color to grow out naturally.

You may have seen young stars like Selena Gomez or Ashlee Simpson sporting ombre hair, but ombre does not have to be as dramatic as some celebrities choose to wear it. In fact, a very minimalist technique known as “softened ombre” lightens your tips to a golden blonde or chestnut brown. This extremely natural look will leave brunette hair looking lighter and brighter while family and friends scratch their heads wondering just what the difference is.

What to Know Before Asking for Ombre

Ombre looks best on women who usually wear their hair down. Because the ends are so much lighter than the roots, a bun or ponytail won’t showcase the look to its full effect.

Ombre hair should have some texture and layers or the gradual colors may not blend as well. It is possible for straight, one-length hair, but your stylist will have to guard against big blocks of color.

Because ombre is a complex coloring technique, it is best performed by a licensed stylist with plenty of experience. If you’re looking for a sun-kissed change this spring, ask your stylist about ombre!

Jyl Craven
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