Don’t Frizz Out – Get Smooth Hair

woman looking unhappy with dark and frizzy hair

Don’t Frizz Out! You CAN the Battle Against Frizzy Hair

The Academy Awards may be over, but this wet North Georgia winter has given many of us our 15 minutes of fame… as the poster children for frizzy hair! Why do some heads of hair become frizzy messes when it’s humid out? And what can you do about your frizzy locks if you’re a victim? Here are some tips to get perfectly smooth hair!

What the Frizz is Going On Here?

To get smooth hair, the first step is to ensure your hair is moisturized. While we usually associate frizz with humidity, frizz actually occurs when your hair is too dry. Your hair is made up primarily of natural oils (lipids), water and a protein called keratin. When your hair is out of balance (i.e. dry) then meets a very wet atmosphere outside, the hair swells and its outer layer creates that frizzy appearance that nobody loves.

Worse yet, we don’t just meet one humidity level per day.  You may step out of your dry house into the humid air, and then get back into your dry car, only to repeat the process. This could cause your hair to frizz multiple times per day, leaving you unsure of just WHAT your tresses are going to subject you to next!

How to Fight the Frizzies

Fortunately, with a few simple modifications to your hair routine, you could say farewell to the frizzies forever.


  1. Treat Your Hair Gently – You wouldn’t scrub your face with sandpaper, would you? Common hair care no-no’s can damage your hair. Hard brushing, wearing a hat over wet head, intense heat exposure with no protection leave it open to frizz. Treat your hair as delicately as you treat your skin.
  2. Use Your Products Correctly – Do you overuse alcohol-based gels? Or do you wash too often? You may be inadvertently leaving your hair open to a frizz attack. If you’re frizzing out, consult your stylist so he or she can make sure you’re using the correct products in the right balance.
  3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize –Properly moisturized hair won’t be compromised when you meet humid conditions, since the balance of moisture inside and outside the hair will stay consistent.  Therefore the best attack for frizz is to fight moisture outside (in the air) with moisture inside (your hair)!
  4. Smoothing Treatments- Ever considered a smoothing treatment?  While the options available to help fight frizz may be overwhelming, discuss with your stylist to determine the best and safest alternative for your specific lifestyle.
  5. Consult your Stylist – People with some natural hair types, like curly, tend to suffer more from frizz. While you can’t do anything about the hair type you were born with, your stylist can recommend routines and products that will help you tame your mane.


Frizz is one of those day-to-day problems that can really mar your look. We hope these tips have helped get you smooth hair and  prevent you from frizzing out too much!

Jyl Craven
About the author

My love and passion for the hair industry started when I was very young. I have always felt very fortunate in knowing that being a hair designer/educator was my future. I constantly strive to better educate myself and my design team. Making others look and feel their best is what I strive to achieve. My specialty is hair color, but I love cutting as well. To be the best artist you can, I feel you must be well rounded in all of your skills. That is why I also train other salons across the country in all of L ´Oréal Professionnel color and cutting techniques. I have been privileged to work with the most talented artists in the industry. Thank you for visiting our site and I hope to see you in our salon.