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Long hair is something that we’ve all wanted at some point in our lives. If you want to grow yours long, winter is the season to go for it. But before you grow out those gorgeous locks, there are a few things to know that will help you gain the most benefit from your newly grown out look. Sure anyone can grow their hair, but why not do it with style? So whether you already have Rapunzel-like hair or are going to experiment this season with a longer hairstyle, here are a few beauty tips to consider that will help you achieve a more graceful grow out.

Face Shape

Your face shape tells a lot about whether a particular hairstyle is right for you. Round or oval face shapes are best for anyone wanting to add length. Those of us with more prominent or elongated chins should consider holding back the length as a longer look will only give the illusion of an extended face shape. However, if you still feel the need for more length (and have a lengthier face shape), then cutting a blunt fringe (a.k.a bangs) will help to widen your face.

Hair Texture

Texture is another important feature to consider when growing out your locks. For fine hair consider adding long layers for body and movement with use of products for fine hair such as Kerastase Materialiste Thickening Spray Gel For Fine Hair. Face framing with carefully placed layers can add more interest to one’s appearance. Also, keeping your hair just below your collarbone will help ensure your ends don’t appear too stringy.

For medium textured hair try something fun like an undercut, and use Kerastase Laque Couture Strong Hold Hair Spray to ensure your look stays in place all day long. Recently, undercuts have been all the rage for someone wanting to punk up their lengthening locks.

If you are naturally curly then you will look best naturally long. Using products like Kerastase Discipline Mousse Curl Ideal For Curly Hair will help allow some weight to pull down those curls giving you natural looking wave and body.

Body Type

The right balance between hair length and body height is important when deciding how long to grow your locks. More length looks best on anyone that is of average or taller than average body height. Long hairstyles on shorter women can give the illusion of making someone appear shorter. Super short hairstyles on taller women can leave an unchic impression.

While we can’t change our face shape, hair texture or body height we can for sure change our style. So if your goal is to go longer this winter, why not allow your natural characteristics work for you. Remember that growing your locks long will not happen overnight. But by following these few beauty tips, your finished look will surely turn some heads.

Jyl Craven
About the author

My love and passion for the hair industry started when I was very young. I have always felt very fortunate in knowing that being a hair designer/educator was my future. I constantly strive to better educate myself and my design team. Making others look and feel their best is what I strive to achieve. My specialty is hair color, but I love cutting as well. To be the best artist you can, I feel you must be well rounded in all of your skills. That is why I also train other salons across the country in all of L ´Oréal Professionnel color and cutting techniques. I have been privileged to work with the most talented artists in the industry. Thank you for visiting our site and I hope to see you in our salon.