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We’re talking to Canton, Georgia women about 5 simple steps to get healthy hair. None of us are born knowing how to care for our hair and keep it healthy, but it can be easy when you know how to do it. Even hair stylists have to study intensively and get constant updates to remain experts on how to get and keep healthy hair. Luckily, you don’t need any advanced training to start a healthy hair routine at home.

Here are five hair care basics you need to know about managing a healthy mane:

#1 Get regular haircuts to get healthy hair and keep it healthy

Split ends appear in as little as four weeks after a haircut; left unchecked, they can damage your hair right up to the follicle. One indicator that you have split ends is by the increased amount of tangles you notice as you comb through your hair. There are more variations of split ends than many people think. So, be sure to get a haircut at least every six to eight weeks so you don’t find yourself in a tousled predicament. Schedule an appointment at Canton’s Jyl Craven hair salon to get your split ends taken care of!

#2 Use the right product for your hair type

You need the right products to get healthy hair. It needs to be nourished! Your hair isn’t like every woman’s in Canton, so the hair products you choose need to work for you. Dry and curly hair is best served by a whole different set of products than naturally oily and straight hair. For example, when choosing a conditioner for limp and fine hair, select a volumizing conditioner. If your hair is dry and frizzy, then a moisturizing conditioner is your best choice. Ask your stylist about which hair care products will give you the healthy hair you deserve.

#3 Use an at-home conditioning treatment to get healthy hair

Canton hair salons love to be your one-stop shop for style and healthy hair.  So if your stylist could tell you to do one thing at home, it would be to use a conditioning treatment. This is especially true if your hair feels dry — a common occurrence in the upcoming winter months. Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense is a treatment that delivers complete nutrition to the hair by penetrating the hair fiber while delivering long lasting defense against dryness.  For maintaining healthy hair, a weekly conditioning treatment provides the nutrient rich benefits you hair will surely love.

#4 Don’t forget the heat protectant to get healthy hair and keep it that way

Get healthy hair- and keep it that way! After showering, begin by towel-drying your hair until the maximum amount of moisture is removed. When heat is applied to your hair with a blow dryer or a styling iron, precious moisture is removed causing your strands to become more susceptible to damage. A heat protectant provides a barrier of protection that can prevent breakage,  smooth out split ends and keep your hair smooth and shiny.  Kerastase Ciment Thermique is professional hair care product that provides lasting heating protection while strengthening the hair fiber from the inside.

#5 Maintain a balanced diet to get healthy hair

Have you ever noticed how unhealthy eating habits affect you both mentally and physically? Have you ever considered the cause-and-effect relationship between your diet and your hair? Eating a balanced diet, with varied protein-rich foods is not only recommend by your expert physician but is encouraged by your expert stylist to get healthy hair. After all, our hair needs the same good nutrition as the rest of our body.

Following these five tips will have your hair looking healthy, shiny and vibrant. Before you know it, they’ll be a part of your usual routine and have you headed in the right direction. Book an appointment at our Canton, GA salon so we can help you get on the right track for healthy hair.

What to Expect from the Best Hair Salon in Canton, GA

At the best hair Salon in Canton, GA you can expect to receive first class service and attention to what you need. When you come in, appointment or not, you’ll be greeted by warm smiling receptionists. If your stylist isn’t already ready to see you, you’ll relax in our waiting area where you can take a peek at our stylists hard at work.Our experts at Jyl Craven Hair design want to make sure you get the experience you deserve wether you’re getting a new haircut, color, or hair treatment. Our first time guests also get a special offer as a welcome gift. You can consult with a stylist to figure out exactly what you want in your new look. If you are looking for a new hair color, you can review our color books with hair samples that show all the nuances of color shades, the hairdresser will assess details like your hair texture, strand length and density. If you’re looking to change-up your hair style, our stylists will take the time to understand what you want and make sure your vision becomes a reality. After you’re done with your appointment, we’ll give you further tips on taking care of your fresh new look and anything else you’re curious about. We might even snap your picture to give our other stylists something to aspire to. We’re waiting to welcome you to our salon. We guarantee that we’ll make you feel at home right before we make you feel fabulous. We’re here for you and your hair and we’ll do anything to make both happy! We believe that everyone should feel confident in the way they look and we strive to make you look and feel your best!

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